Thursday, 5 May 2011


Is just not nice. There are many ways of wrapping it, hiding it, dressing it up. But it is what it is. They don't want you. Whether it's as a girlfriend, a friend, a piece of writing, a short story, an employee, a synopsis and first three chapters. It might be good, but it's not the one.

I have had many rejections in my life, and I'm sure I've rejected, too. But I had my first literary rejection just the other day, and it's only hitting home now, haha.

It was in the shape of an email, whatever shape that has, and the rejection bit said,

We carefully considered your story and we are releasing it to you in hopes that you find a good home for it elsewhere. 

Well, now. That's actually not bad for a rejection, and did make me feel like going on. I know, it all sounds so dramatic, doesn't it? Well, to me, it is!

Giggle, giggle.