Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A Bad Dream

People go by,
I smile but they don´t see me.
I try to say something but they walk past.
I shout but they don´t hear me.

The world goes round,
So fast that it makes me dizzy.
No one else seems to notice -
Too busy in their own worlds.
We all live on earth
But we aren´t on the same planet.

When they walk by I feel a breeze,
Yet they are all miles away.
I am only seen by children
That look at me curiously,
Until they grow up to be like their mothers and fathers
And know better than to lower their eyes to meet mine.

When I walk down the street
Crowds part and make space for me.
An empty, imaginary carpet lies ahead.
People bump shoulders, tread on toes...
To give me space.

If it were a dream I would feel like royalty,
I would be a celebrity on the red carpet,
Cameras pointed at me and flashes in my eyes -
But I am awake.

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