Saturday, 24 December 2011

I don't like Alpaca

In case you're interested, it's tough and chewy. No fun at all. I wasn't brave enough to try cuy (guinea pig), but though those who were have told me it's disgusting and smells really strong and bad! And yes, guinea pig is quite the trendy thing to eat over this way. It arrives on the table with fried paws, head, teeth and all.
     More on Peru. The ceviche is delicious, as is the pisco sour. Peruvian wine can be really good but is expensive to buy so it's safer to go for the Argy Bargy. 
     We started in Lima, where a clever little duo decided to rob me in the bus station. Oh how they underestimated the Foley! One of the scoundrels knocked on the window when Oscar went to the loo asking for the time. I told him I didn't have it, but he kept knocking on the window and was mumbling away, holding my attention, as I'm sure you're now guessing. I turned around and scoundrel number 2 is walking away with my bag. I screamed 'LADRON! QUE TIENE MI BOLSO!' (THIEF! HE HAS MY BAG!) Anyone who has heard me get a fright or squeal in general can only imagine. I jumped up and ran after him, and everyone else jumped up and ran after him, too (Thank you Limeños). He dashed out the door, throwing a rucksack down on the floor. A man picked up the bag and said 'here's your bag,' but I said, 'that's not my bag. This is my bag.' Scoundrel number 2 had dropped my bag right near where he had picked it up, but I hadn't seen that. Because he was being followed, he dropped his bag too! The thief who lost his bag. Ha.
     Now, don't mistakenly associate Peru with thieves because those scoundrels were the only rotten eggs we've come across so far and we're almost leaving (touch wood - about the scoundrels not leaving). Much more detail on the beautiful Peru next. To wet your senses (don't be naughty), did you know Peru has desert? Good wine? Alpaca and Guinea pig? The deepest canyon in the world and the largest lake at high altitude?     


  1. Keep these coming, they are brilliant snapshots. Thank you, its like armchair travelling!

    Feliz navidad precious xx

  2. i can just hear you shrieking 'que tiene mi bolso' now!!! haha, muy bien hecho tia. how will you ring in the new year? im goin to the masked ball, again! why change a winning formula ;) john x

  3. Yes I was shrieking all right at top volume!!! Ha, the masked ball, brilliant. That's definitely a good one. We'll be in Copacabana we think, in Bolivia on the Lake Titicaca (Pume's Stone, not Tit-Poo!!) Happy New Year! xxx

  4. hahaha! la loquita gritando en medio de la estación, te puedo imaginar!!!
    No sabía lo que era una alpaca, estoy aprendiendo mucho de leerte, Gracias, Miri, you're a star!!
    Felicidad para todos los días del año, que en 2012 nos tenemos que ver!!!
    isita xxx